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Micro Gardens are gardens that from their protected location are sheltering to the plant life that is planted there. They are water wise and somewhat climate controlled.

This garden spans from 2001 to 2013. Twice cold weather forced a complete redo. I grew a full range of plants, veggies and small shrubs. Watered with a buried soaker hose there was very little water waste.

My photography also included walking through the neighborhoods at about a 2 mile radius, taking the bus to other neighborhoods and making images there also.

It is 2021. I live in a different part of town and have another apartment. No in ground plants but I have a second floor balcony that allows for a container garden. Although I have no containers anywhere as large as in my previous garden. I no longer do the neighborhood walks. I take pictures at specific locations and also in my garden.

This gallery is arranged mostly by order of date taken. My chow/collie passed in 2009. My miniature poodle is an active little bundle of joy. My photography is for sale as high resolution digital downloads, however, the images in this gallery are not for sale.
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